"Meeting Your Computer and Networking Needs"


Mission Statement

Computers are a big part of our lives, in work and at home. In either case if they don’t work well they can be a cause of frustration, not productivity or fun. At Raventec Consulting we understand what technology can do for you in work and play. Let us help you get back to being productive and having fun.


Services We Offer

For the home user we can clean up your computer. This means cleaning up temporary internet files, registry info, unneeded programs (bloatware that computer companies pre-install). Install programs, hardware etc as per your needs. All to keep you up and running smoothly.

For the office (home or otherwise) we can setup and maintain networks and equipment keeping you connected to the internet, world and most importantly your clients.

For either we offer backup solutions to fit your needs. We all have digital data that we just have to have no matter what. Whether it be photos, email, company data, etc. It can be simple back ups to an external hard drive or a combination of simple and offsite backups. (Offsite backups using Amazon AWS – Stored in Canada).